What do you do on a typical training night?

We meet at 6.55pm, catch up with any members/race news, welcome any new members or visitors and discuss the route for the evening. All runs are to suit those attending that night, so everyone is catered for. We set out at 7.00pm.

Do you only run on Wednesdays?

No, some members also run Sunday mornings from the Civic Centre stepping off at 9:00am.

Can I try out a session before committing to the Club?

Yes, you may join us for three nights before you decide what you would like to do.

What if I can’t keep up? I’ve not run much before.

We always try to ensure that everyone who runs is able to keep up with their group. We would advise if someone needed to get a bit more practice before trying us (eg. if they were a complete beginner.)

What shoes/clothing/underwear should I buy?

A good pair of trainers is essential and the only item of any expense that is involved. There are specialist shops in Bath and Salisbury that can advise what is suitable for your feet and style of running. Technical fabric tops/shorts are also a good investment if you decide to take up running on a regular basis. These will keep you warm/dry/cool as appropriate.

What about stretching and injury?

After a run we recommend stretching those muscles that are getting well used. We can advise on this; there are plenty of illustrations online as well. If you are new to running this is specially important in order to avoid injury.

Do I need to eat/drink anything in particular?

You will need to take on board plenty of carbs before a long run, ideally with a bit of protein too. This is not so essential before a shorter run. As a general rule we suggest you don’t eat a full meal within at least 2 hours of a run. This varies according to the individual. Afterwards you should aim to refuel within 20-30 minutes. There is much debate about sports drinks. For Club nights you should aim to be hydrated and water is just fine. (For races this may differ and people have their preferences according to experience.)