Warminster Running Club (WRC) is committed to ensuring that all members can participate in club activities in and enjoyable and safe environment.

The WRC Welfare and Safeguarding Policy outlines the club’s approach, responsibilities, policy and procedures to ensure a fair, safe and welcoming club, and that all adults at risk are given a duty of care and protected from abuse.  This policy aims to support all club members, carers, coaches, leaders, guide runners, volunteers and committee members, and contains details of how to raise any complaints or grievances.

WRC commits to the England Athletics safeguarding policies in their entirety:
 Safeguarding vulnerable adults

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact Vicky Griffiths (Welfare Officer) either in person or email warminsterrunningclubwelfare@gmail.com

Any information shared with the Welfare Officer will be treated confidentially and not shared without informing the person who has provided it.